Sunday, October 11, 2009

Green Beans, Carrots, Bananas- Oh My!

I apologize for taking so long to update you all, but I come bearing good news. Dominic had his high risk NICU check up at 7 months old; it's a developmental check up to see if he needs additional follow-up. There was about 7 different types of doctors in there and they sat down with Dominic on the floor to check his development. They offered him toys and watched how he moved himself and grabbed things and used his mind. Guess what- they placed him at 8 to 9 months in most every area of development! I could not be more proud of my little guy! After all he's been through, the 2 1/2 months in the hospital, and the broviac in and everything- he's ahead of the pack! My heart swells with pride =). He's the happiest little guy and wakes up smiling. He loves new people and makes friends wherever we go- in fact the other day at Panera Bread, two separate older ladies asked to hold him (I let them... they looked harmless, although it was a bit odd to get that request from strangers). He sits up on his own for a long time and he plays with his toys. He talks to us all the time, making his "baa baa baa" and "dadada" sounds. Too bad he doesn't say "Mama" yet, but he'll get there ;). We have switched his formula to a 'normal' one that you can buy in the stores- not even a sensitive one! He's also been eating baby food twice a day- we're still going through the stage 1 foods but I think he's ready for stage 2's. He loves to eat the food and gets really excited when I put him in his high chair because he knows that he eats there. Since changing his formula and giving him baby food his poops have become NORMAL!!! They used to be watery squirts of bright green or yellow, and now it's actual baby poop! Also, his prior poops would always give him diaper rash and now he doesn't get it nearly as often. He's not real interested in crawling yet, so he rolls to move around.... but he's such a content baby that he just stays put for the most part... I wonder how long that will last...
He doesn't have any appointments with his GI (gastro) doctor lined up and won't unless we run into problems. He doesn't need developmental follow-up, and we are now just on a regular schedule of appointments with his Pediatrician! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support- It seems we've come out of this relatively unscathed. Also, we finally got the paperwork sorted out and recieved the money back from the military that we had paid out the whole time we were in the hotel! Such a relief!

God works miracles, you can see it in my little boy's eyes. Thank you all.

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