Monday, January 18, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Hello All! I've finally come back to continue my last post =). Dominic is almost 11 months and has been crawling since shortly before 10 months old. He is a SPEED DEMON! It's so funny- he crawls away from us, and when I walk behind him or call his name, he turns around to look, smiles at me, and then takes off even faster! It's as if he's saying "I'm outta here, Mom!". It's just too cute. He's still not saying 'Mama' yet... he says "Dada" all the time but still doesn't put meaning to it, so I don't consider it a first word ;). He's learning all sorts of new things- it's so cool to see him learning that if you push this it makes a sound, or if you turn that, it lights up... stuff like that. He sits and plays with his toys and is still the happiest baby I know. He's cutting his 3rd and 4th teeth now! It's the top two and he's handling it really well- not cranky about it at all! Rick, myself, and Dominic are all fighting a yucky cold right now and it stinks! But- I was reading something on babycenter and it said to expect your baby to get between 8 & 10 colds before his 2nd birthday, and this is his first real one... I think we're doing pretty well! I ordered his first birthday supplies- I'm really excited about him turning ONE and having a nice party for him... I just can't believe it!
Baby #2 is going great as far as we know! I'm now 15 weeks and feeling wonderful! Knock on wood, but I have relatively easy pregnancies as far as morning sickness and symptoms go! I felt awful from about weeks 6 to 9, but since then it's been pretty smooth sailing :). We had a bit of a scare when at my 12 weeks appt they couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler, but the next day at the ultrasound showed a moving baby with a beating heart. Until we know the sex, I can't really decide on any decore, names, or anything like that, so we're really anxious to know!

Thanks for reading, everyone!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in the New Year with a New Bundle of Joy!

Most of you already know this, but Rick and I are expecting our second baby! Dominic has been doing so well and has been cleared from any specialists for a while now and we want them close in age, so we started trying! Just like with Dominic, we were pregnant the very next month and I am now 12 weeks along! I've decided to keep this blog going instead of starting a new one, and I'm just going to continue updating about Dominic, and of course info on the new baby too! ...Dominic just woke up, I'll finish this later.... =)