Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in the New Year with a New Bundle of Joy!

Most of you already know this, but Rick and I are expecting our second baby! Dominic has been doing so well and has been cleared from any specialists for a while now and we want them close in age, so we started trying! Just like with Dominic, we were pregnant the very next month and I am now 12 weeks along! I've decided to keep this blog going instead of starting a new one, and I'm just going to continue updating about Dominic, and of course info on the new baby too! ...Dominic just woke up, I'll finish this later.... =)


  1. Hi! I just found your journal your son is adorable. I just had my gastroschisis baby on December 8th. He was 5'10 and 17.5 inches long. He could possibly be going home this week, at least I hope so. He just got up to 60cc on his feedings today and got taken off of his fluids. They are doing a hearing screening tomorrow and according to the nurse that is one of the last things done before they are going to discharge so I am very confident in him coming home. Do you have a myspace or anything? I would love to talk about our sons more.


  2. Amanda,
    Hey- great to hear your son could be coming home soon! We had a lot of back-and-forths with our son so I'm hoping you get to take yours home and that's that! I have a facebook- If you wanna look me up my name is Stephanie Costolo; I'd love to talk more about our little guys! =)

  3. I am also waiting for my son to come home he is at the hospital. When he was born they found his small intestine was abstruted so he had surgery the day after he was born, than they found out he had astreshia and another surgery. Now he is recovering I can wait to have him home and for this nightmare to be finish. Good luck in your path as a parent.God Bless