Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ER last night

Everyday I flush Dominic's broviac line twice with saline and heparin solutions. Yesterday after we changed his dressing on it, I started the saline flush and at the top where the tube comes out of his skin, fluid started leaking out! It was pinkish in color which I think means it's a mixture of blood and the saline solution. So we took him right to the ER- you don't want to mess around with these things... eventhough it wasn't a lot of fluid leaking, nothing should EVER come out of that hole, so it was worrisome. I didn't know if the line was loose and slipping- if that thing slipped all the way out we would have a very serious situation on our hands because it's in a central vein which means he would bleed... a lot. So anyway, we took him in and they looked at him and took an x-ray. They said it was a bit displaced but offered no reasons for the leak. We had a follow-up appointment today where they looked at him again and at the x-ray and basically said it was ok to leave it in until Monday, which is his already scheduled date to get it out. Still no explaination for the leak. Dominic is feeling fine and happily eating and playing, so he's not in any pain. Please just keep him in your prayers for his upcoming surgery and that the line stays put until then!! I'm going to try to continue Heparin flushes but if it's leaking I don't know how beneficial it is to try the flush. The Doctor today said the line wouldn't clot off without the flush, but I've been told differently from medical providers before. I'm hoping no blood clots form before Monday.

Good news is, Dominic now weighs 12lbs 3oz. He's still a little guy but putting on weight little by little. Thank you all for your love and support!!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Surgery on August 24th!

Helllloooooo! I know it's been a while since my last post, but no news is good news, right? In this case that's true =). Dominic has been doing so well and keeping his food down wonderfully. Of course he spits up still but he's gaining weight and growing so we're happy. He hasn't had anything running through his broviac line in about a month so I just flush it twice a day and that's all! It's so nice not having to carry around those bags and change out all the lines every day! On the 24th of August they are pulling the line out!!! This is so awesome and he's just making so much progress- we're so proud of him! After they pull the line it will be another weight lifted off of us because then we don't have to worry about it getting infected. Dominic's off of all the medicine- no more reglan OR prilosec, and he just takes a multi-vitamin and iron. It's just amazing that by 6 months he'll be without any broviac and no medicine- he's such a trooper! We still have hurdles- he's still on the very basic formula, Pregestimil. We will eventually wean him up to eating something less broken down and try to incorporate rice and other solids into his diet. He is taking a couple bottles of breast milk a day though, and does very well with that.
Dominic can roll totally over, he's working on sitting up, and his legs are so strong and hold him up standing for a long time! His balance just isn't up to par, but he's got plenty of time to work on that. He loves playing with his toys and his favorites are Mr. Moosey and his crinkle book. He laughs at us when we make funny faces or noises and he really cracked up yesterday when I coughed. Who knew? haha. Also, he's recently found his feet and is trying hard to get them into his mouth- not quite there yet =). He's getting more and more vocal and 'talking' to us and he has the sweetest little voice. It's such a joy to have him here with us and we're loving every minute of being parents.
Thank you all for your continued love and support and pray that his surgery goes well on the 24th!!