Saturday, April 24, 2010

14 months today!

Hello! Today Dominic is 14 months old! He's been walking since 12 1/2 months, and is almost running now! He loves to walk everywhere he goes and has mastered getting to a standing position from the floor. He used to have to crawl over to something (coffee table/me/a toy) and pull himself up, but he doesn't need that anymore =). He's such a big boy. He says "Yeah", "mmmm", "mama", "dada", and a whole lot of gibberish. He talks constantly, but only he knows what he's saying! He eats regular food, drinks whole milk from a sippy cup, and has started deciding that he does and doesn't like certain things. When he's done drinking from his sippy, he immediately throws it on the floor. We're trying to teach him not to do that, but so far no luck. He loves to feed himself- if I give him a bite of something, he'll usually take it out of his mouth so he can put it back in himself. It's so funny to see him test out his independance with different things. If we're in the house he won't hold my hand to walk somewhere, but once we're somewhere else I can hold his hand without a struggle. He's still the happiest little guy. He's so content and happy- he makes it easy on us! He'll sit and play by himself and be perfectly happy. I sit down with him to play, but he usually just takes my toys and plays by himself with them.
I'm now almost 29 weeks pregnant with a little GIRL! I'm in my third trimester and am totally feeling pregnant. I can't complain, though- aside from back aches, heartburn, and getting exhausted, I really do have it easy. I get a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions but they don't hurt. Rick and I are enrolled in Bradley Childbirth classes- which is an all-natural, drug-free birth plan. I want to experience birth how it was meant to be! I want to do it like women have done it for thousands of years, and how animals continue to give birth. God created women to be able to give birth, and technology and medicine has taken that away from us in a lot of ways. I'm excited to meet this little girl, but at the same time I'm totally nervous about have TWO kids, especially two under two! Dominic takes so much time and energy as it is and I just don't know how I'll manage with a newborn as well as him. I know people do it all the time, and I know we'll be able to do it- I'm just nervous about it. I don't want Dominic to feel neglected at all or get less love and attention, so we'll just have to step up our game when she gets here!
We're moving to Pennsylvania and buying a house in June- and I'm due in July, so while it's very exciting it's also very stressful!

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  1. That is my biggest fear too Steph having 2 kids! But if anyone can do it, you can! You're such a great mom! I have lots of love and respect for you:) congrats and good luck with the natural childbirth (scary!), lol. I can't wait to see your two kiddies together...!!

  2. Hi Stephanie! I just found your blog, I am a fellow gastroschisis mommy (and doula who believes strongly in Bradley and natural childbirth!). My daughter was born with gastro in Nov 2008 (
    Have you heard of Avery's Angels? It is a page and cause on Facebook,
    Is it ok if I add your blog to my list of gastroschisis blog links on Faith's blog?

  3. Raeanne,
    Nice to hear from you! I don't mind at all if you add my blog to your gastroschisis links :). Hope all is well!